About The School  

JCHS One Page Target

Content Planning

  • Current standards will drive content planning and include vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Teachers will begin content planning with the final outcome in mind, utilizing essential questions, learning targets and real-world application.
  • Teachers will challenge students with quality questioning.


  • All stakeholders will create a learning environment promoting active engagement.
  • Teachers will facilitate student-centered, differentiated, purposeful lessons.
  • Teachers will use formative assessment to drive instruction.


  • Teachers will align assessments with current standards.
  • Students will collaborate with stakeholders to set, reflect and adjust goals for learning.
  • Teachers will use a variety of assessments to guide instruction and determine content and skill mastery.

Community Building

  • All stakeholders will work to develop a culture of respect, empathy, encouragement and good citizenship.
  • All stakeholders will promote and model responsible digital citizenship.
  • All stakeholders will cultivate partnerships that build bridges in the global community.