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School Nurse


My name is June Lawniczak. I grew up in a military family and with all the moving around it was hard to put down roots, but I claim that I am from Enterprise, Alabama, home of the boll weevil monument. I graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in Comprehensive Math Education in 2001. I taught high school Geometry and Pre-Algebra but decided that I needed to do something else. I went back to school for nursing. I graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in Nursing in 2007. After a tour in South Korea, my husband was stationed at Redstone Arsenal in 2012. He has recently retired after 22 years. We have moved all over the world and have decided that the North Alabama area is awesome! My husband, my two sons (Ethan and Taylor), and I live in Athens, Alabama. We are definitely here to stay.

I started my career as a staff nurse in the emergency department at Medical Center Enterprise. Recently, I substituted for the nurses of the Athens City School system for a few years before starting as the school nurse for Athens High School. When the opportunity to work with the Madison City School system came along, I jumped at the chance. I am so excited to be here at James Clemens High School!

I love nursing and being able to help students while they are at school. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

It’s great to be a Jet!

- Nurse June



- Only parents/guardians are allowed to drop off medication at school.

-If your student requires medication at school, a PPA signed by your physician is required (link below). The label must match the wording on the form. Also, a parent/guardian must bring the medication to the school.

PPA for physician signature

-If you would like to drop off certain over-the-counter medications to keep in the clinic all year, the parent/guardian should fill out this form and bring it to me with a new, UNOPENED, UNEXPIRED bottle. This only pertains to acetaminophen (tylenol), ibuprofen (motrin, aleve, advil), dramamine, or benadryl.

PPA for over-the-counter medication not requiring a physician signature

- If other over-the-counter medications are required for longer than a week, a doctor needs to fill out the first PPA form to be turned in to the nurse with a new, UNOPENED, UNEXPIRED bottle.

- If your student will need a health care plan for asthma, diabetes, seizures, anaphylactic reaction, etc., your doctor shcould send in a care plan pertaining to your student's health condition. Most physician's have a health care plan form on file. If not, please contact me and I can get you a copy.


For your information:

Alabama Backpak Law (Act #1017-19)

Alabama Flu law (Act #2017-368)                  Influenza Vaccine Information

Jessica Elkins Law (Act #2014-274)               Menigococcal (MCV) Vaccine Information

Alabama Sunscreen Law (Act #2017-278)