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MakerSpace Club-Letting Genius Shine!



Nationally recognized for providing students with unique and engaging learning opportunities, the JCHS Library MakerSpace provides students access to learn about 3D Printing, green screens, robotics, coding & computer science, engineering, games, arts & crafts, and so much more! 

Each day in the JCHS Library MakerSpace has a different focus (Arts & Crafts, Build & Tinker, Computer Science, Games, Robotics, etc.).  Students can participate in the planned focus activity of the day OR create, invent, tinker, explore and discover on their own.  

Come only on the days you want to come!  

Let your GENIUS shine every day!

Sign up to become a member of the JCHS Library MakerSpace in Google Classroom using the code: 0d9n0wn