Clayton, Brian Principal
Flanagan, Jennifer Assistant Principal
Foy, Ryan Assistant Principal
Miller, Allison Assistant Principal
Smith, Robert (Rocky) Assistant Principal
Cruz, George Cohort 2020 and seniors A-F
Meskunas, Lana College and Career
Porter, Heather Cohort 2019 and seniors P-Z
Smith, Rosalyn Cohort 2021 and seniors G-O

Anderson, Keith Band Director
Bailey, Tracey Special Services: Collaborative Teacher
Bankston, Brittany Spanish Teacher
Barnes, Travis Science Teacher / Head Softball Coach
Baum, Candace English
Beale, Patricia English
Beckett, Stefanie English
Bell, Drew Academy Science / Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
Bentley, Shannon Business/FACS
Bergquist, Adrianne Mathematics Teacher
Bickel, Hannah English/Teacher
Bohatch, Carol Science/Chemistry
Boynton, Peggy German/Latin
Breland, Rebecca Math
Byrd, Brandon History/Economics
Carter, Todd Driver's Ed/ PE
Collins, Patricia Health Sciences
Combs, Clay English / Yearbook Sponsor
Combs, Kristi Instructional Partner
Courtney, Heather Family & Consumer Sciences
Crouch, Mary World Languages/Spanish teacher
Cruz, Chris Social Sciences Teacher
Deline, Amber PE Teacher/Head Girls Basketball Coach
Dennis, Andrea Math/Competition Cheerleading
Dennis, Andrea Math/Cheerleading
Dunkerley, Rachel Science/Biology/AP Biology
Ellis, Cy Science
Evans, Chase Math/Math Team
Frederick, Dave Science/Engineering
Friedlein, Shannon English/Girls Basketball
Geise, Donna English faculty
Gessner, Harris Fine Arts/Choir Director
Gilliam, Katie World Languages/French
Givens, Krista Math
Grantham, Kayla Computer Science / Math
Haley, Amy Pre-AP Biology, Molecular/AP Biology, and Biology
Hamilton, Tiffany Science Teacher
Hamrick, Cory Social Studies/Psychology/US History/Head Baseball
Harper, Brandi Social Science Teacher
Hartfield, Nancy Math
Harvard, Blake Social Science / Boys Soccer Coach / Freshman Football Coach
Hermann, Kaetlyn English Teacher
Herndon, Jane English
Horne, Jennifer
Humphrey, Shannon Special Education Teacher
Humphries, Matthew US History / Economics. Assistant Football Coach. Girls Golf Head Coach
Hunt, Travis Math
Hyams, Michelle Job Coach/Homebound
James, Aaron Government
Jeffreys, Lee Math
Jemison, Elesia teacher
Kelley, Kim Health/Asst Volleyball
King, Missy Library Media Specialist
Krome, Kimberly Science
Lane, Trey Social Science
Lee, Melissa Social Studies
Lilavois, Joelle Science
Magrath, Kristie Math Department
Marcus, Madelene English
McCray, Samuel JROTC
McLaughlin, Meleighsa English
McRae, Leah Science/Biomed
Medlen, Shane Math
Merritt, Michael Technical Theatre Instructor
Morris, Lori Math
ODonnell, Patrice Social Science
Orr, Tommy New
Overcash, Mason Arts Department
Owens, Lynn Science
Parker, Robert Math
Patel, Amy Drama
Pecor, Kevin Social Science/Head Wrestling Coach
Perkins, Dewayne Social Science / Head Boys Golf Coach
Pessoney, Lee Ann Cyber Security Teacher
Petty, Danny Physical Ed\Driver's Ed
Pickard, Anthony Business/Marketing
Powell, Lucas English
Pride, Howard Health/ Physical Education
Priester, Rosalyn SPED Teacher
Protos, Amy Math
Rice, Gina Special Education Teacher
Riddle, Erin English
Riggins, Megan Math/Assistant Cheer Coach
Rinks, Layne Social Science
Robinson, Jennifer English
Rowland, Sharon EL
Setta, Maruso SPED
Shamwell, Sherri Family/Consumer Sciences
Shears, Duana Business Education
Shratter, Allison Latin
Simons, Tammy Physics
Sims, Brian Assistant Director of Bands
Smith, Amanda History/Head Volleyball Coach
Smith, L. Library Media Specialist
Stanford, Darlene New
Steele, Kristen Science/ Chemistry
Steinert, Ashley Health Science Teacher
Stinson, Rebecca Science/Dance
Strode, Ashley Library Media Specialist
Swearingen, Cyrus Social Studies
Thorpe, Alex Math
Tkacs, Callista Collaborative Teacher
Torello, Carol School Counselor for The Academy
Turner, Melanie Math
Vaughn, Elizabeth Art
Vess, Felisa Spanish
Wade, Kate Head Swimming and Diving Coach
Waldrop, Wade Physical Education/ Head Football Coach
Weir, Kathryn Science / Dance / DI
Williams, Patricia Biology Teacher
Wilson, Kimberly English
Woodfin, Zachary Social Studies

Barnes, Linda paraprofessional
Blades, Susan Clerical Aide
Cantor, Marcia Special Education Aide
Chappell, Jan Interpreter/Paraproffessional
Clark, Sharon CNP
Cleveland, Norma CNP
Cox, Martha Attendance Officer
Craig, Andrea LPN / Aid
Crum, Kayla Permanent Sub
Gonzalez, Yesy Custodian
Grays, Terrance Custodian
Gross, Jennifer CNP
Gullion, Vicki CNP
Hamilton, Jane Special Ed Aide
Holcomb, Karey CNP Manager
Hyche, Lynn
Jasnoski, Teresa Bookkeeper
Lawniczak, June School Nurse
Lynch, Terry Custodian
Macklin, Macie Secretary
Matheney, Pamela Receptionist
McShan-Pratt, Danielle
Pierce, Debbie Clerical Aide
San Miguel, Mary
Smith, James Plant Manager
Spencer, Laura Registrar
White, Sarah CNP WORKER

Bartlett, Ranae Board Member
Dugan, Kimberly CNP
Myers , Matthew Match
PTA, JCHS Parent Teacher Association
Wade, Kate Head Swimming and Diving Coach