Bus Rules and Regulations
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bus Rules and Regulations

Each year, Madison City Schools Department of Transportation buses approximately 4900 students to and from school on a daily basis. We’ve made it our mission to provide safe, timely, and quality transportation to all of our students.  In order to accomplish this, a spirit of cooperation between district, families, and students is necessary.  At the district level, we do our part by making sure our buses are roadworthy through regular inspections and service; our drivers are screened, trained, and re-certified on an annual basis; and our routes are carefully planned with safety and efficiency in mind.

Families play a key role in helping their children understand the rules and expected behavior on a bus.    It is important that parents/guardians communicate to their children that a bus driver distracted by loud, unruly behavior poses a safety risk. 

To facilitate a clear understanding of what is expected of our riders, we have established some basic School Bus Rules and Regulations which need to be followed.  It is also important to note that the school bus is considered an extension of the classroom so all Madison City Schools Board of Education rules apply while students are on the bus.  Students not abiding by these rules and regulations may be subject to discipline and or termination of bus riding privileges.  (All violations will be handled by the student’s principal.)

  • Students will only be picked-up or dropped-off at their residence or designated bus stop
  • Students must be at their designated stop at least five minutes prior to posted pick-up time
  • Students become the responsibility of the school system once they get on the bus
  • Students must obey the instructions given by the school bus driver
  • Students must remain properly seated, do not change seats, &  keep head &  hands inside bus
  • Students must remain silent when approaching and crossing railroad tracks
  • Students must not tamper with any equipment on the bus especially the emergency doors, roof hatches or emergency windows
  • Students may not carry weapons of any kind on board the bus
  • Students may not bring glass or other possible dangerous items on bus
  • Student books, packages, coats, band instruments, electronic devices and other items may not be stored in the aisle or in the driver compartment. These items must be held in the child’s lap, & may not occupy the seat for another child.  (Items should not be left on the bus.  Madison City Schools is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen on school property)
  • Students must not deliberately damage, deface or destroy the interior of the school bus.  This includes graffiti and tears to seat cushions.  Students caught  (by the bus driver or by on-board cameras)  engaging in the destruction of property will be liable for the cost of cleaning or replacing damaged property,  and subject to time off the bus
  • Students must not horseplay, threaten, bully or fight on or around the bus or bus stop
  • Students must not throw litter or objects in or out of the bus
  • Students may not exit the bus at a stop other than their own without the advance written permission from parent/guardian through your school principal to your bus driver
  • Students must not eat, chew gum, drink, smoke or strike matches on the school bus
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