Sherri Shamwell Staff Photo

B.S. in Elementary Education, Tennessee Technological University

M.S. in Language Education, Indiana University

M.S. in Educational Leadership, Samford University

H.Q. in Middle School Math and English

H.Q. in Family & Consumer Sciences


4-6th grade

7th-9th grade:  English Language Arts & Math

9th-12th grade:  Fashion, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Food & Nutrition, Career Prep A & B, Interior Design, and Child Development

Total:  28 years


My name is Sherri Shamwell and I teach several classes in the Human Services department:  Food and Nutrition, Child Development, Career Preparedness, Fashion, Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising. 

For nineteen years, I taught English Language Arts and Middle School Math to 7-9th graders.  Five years ago, I switched over to Career Tech and to teaching high schoolers.

Before that, I taught for four years at the elementary level.