Greg Ennis Staff Photo

Mr. Ennis received a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in 1993.  He received a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2007.  in addition to his formal education, Mr. Ennis has over a thousand hours of professional development as a teacher and hundreds of hours as an engineer.   Mr. Ennis is certified in General Science (6-12), Mathematics (6-12), and Career Technologies (6-12).


Mr. Ennis has been teaching at the high school and middle school level since 2004.  Mr. Ennis is certified in mathematics, general science, and career technology.  He has taught classes in each of his certifications.   Prior to teaching, Mr. Ennis was employed for eleven years within industry as an engineer and IT manager. 

Mr. Ennis’s industrial experience includes information systems design & management, machine design, product design, project management, oil & gas well testing, and maintenance management. Mr. Ennis also has experience in computer programming and is a Certified Energy Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers.