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Mrs.  Shannon  Humphrey
Special Education Teacher
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*Bachelor of Science Education in Mentally Handicap Moderate to Profound K-12, University of Central Arkansas 


*MSE in Special Education - Instructional Specialist 4-12, Arkansas State University





I have been teaching Special Education since August 1995. 

  • 6 years in Jacksonville, Florida 
  • 4 years teaching in Kennewick, Washington
  • 6 Years Bob Jones High School 
  • James Clemens since it openened, in 2012.


My name is Shannon Humphrey.  I am so excited to be here at James Clemens.  I have been teaching special education since August 1995.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Steve since March 1996.  I also have a son, named Ethan and a daughter named Bridget. I have two dogs.   My favorite color is lime green.   

     I grew up as a military brat and have lived in Spain and about 10 states.  I have been to 45 states and have got to visit many countries. I loved getting to visit many different places, but am glad to have a place to call home now.  I would love to visit Ireland, Scotland, England and Italy one day.   

   I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.  I believe in each and every one of my students and want them to succeed as much as they possibly can.