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Why Study Spanish? 

Spanish is an essential 21st century skill.  Knowing a second or other language opens your opportunities for gaining employment after high school or college. You could work for a multi-national organization and speak Spanish with other people in order to be more productive, and you could be confident in your ability to communicate with other people!  You could work in business, medicine and health care, politics, and so much more.  Think of the possibilities and the doors that would open for you just from knowing how to communicate with about 400 million more people who speak Spanish!

Learning a second of other language can expose you to experiences that are only possible through knowledge of that language, for example, meeting new friends that speak a different language than you while you are on vacation in a Spanish-speaking country.  Think about how many more people you can connect with in the world by knowing Spanish--400 million people in 31 countries around the world speak Spanish!  And, over 37 million people over 5 years old in the U.S. speak Spanish.  So you can see that Spanish is growing in importance, and there are 233% more Spanish-speakers in the U.S. today as there were just several decades ago.

Having Spanish skills also opens up learning and travel possibilities for you.  After high school, whether you are going to work or going to college, you can  learn independently by knowing Spanish, and you can apply for work or grants and scholarships that specifically relate to your Spanish skills.  There are so many possibilities for you to find and become involved with just because you know Spanish.  These are some examples: volunteering at a hospital, working as an interpreter, volunteering for a non-profit start up business in a Spanish-speaking country or in the U.S., working for the Peace Corps in a Spanish-speaking country, living in a Spanish-speaking country while teaching English to kids, applying for a Boren Award or Fulbright Grant to study or work in a Spanish-speaking country while you go to college, and seeking election to a public office!

When you think about, the real question is, why would you not want to study Spanish?  You really just limit yourself if you don't.

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