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Course Description 

Career Prep B

Course Description:  The Career Prepardeness course focuses on three integrated areas of instruction:  academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology.  Course content ranges from college and career preparation to computer literacy skills interwoven throughout the course.  Mastery of the conten standards provides a strong foundation for student acquisition of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge than enables students to achieve success in school, at work, and across the life span.

Instruction:  Instruction will be heavily laboratory/application-based.  This course uses technology for instruction, assignment submission, and testing.  Students will be instructed on how to complete and submit all assignments, take tests, and access curriculum.

Course 9-week plan:

Unit 1

Course Introduction, Career Interest Assessment, and Digital Portfolio Planning

Unit 2 Saving and Budgeting
Unit 3 Banking and Investing
Unit 4 Payment Types
Unit 5 Credit Overview:  Credit Scores and Cards; Consumer Fraud
Unit 6 Insurance and Taxes; Renting vs. Owning
Unit 7 Higher Education and Portfolio Revision and Submission